zhtv #23 rain time lapse

Here is a zhtv that is a bit different from normal. When Rach and I were trying to get some interviews shot of us we got poured on. We saw rain south of us, but where we were was dry, so I thought it would be cool to time lapse the river (which was very high) while we waited for the storm (mainly thunder) to pass. Well, as you can see the rain made it’s way towards us. Pay attention to the second bridge (Bridge of Legions), beyond Charles Bridge. You see the wall of water coming and then I grab my camera and throw it in the bag. No worries, camera, Rachel and I survived by hiding under a big balloon for an hour+! Thanks for stopping by and as always be a revolution today!

love in prague…

Not too long ago, my dear sister (megs) sent me a link for this video by Jason Mraz. I wondered why, but within seconds of watching it I realized why she sent it to me. Mraz singing to his sweetheart from the streets Prague! They shot Prague beautifully and I love the song! Nothing like a little love in Prague…. Enjoy the vid!

will you be my friend again?


twitterRecently I’ve been catching lots of flack for my tweeting habits. (If you don’t know what twitter is, here is a wiki crash course.) It would appear that I was filling up peoples news feeds on facebook, as I have my twitter account hooked up to my facebook account, and this wasn’t making people happy. I was threatened by being ‘defriended’ or people use the ‘hide’ setting on me on facebook. I didn’t realize that my tweeting was adding to so much frustration by so many out there! Well, to those who had some angst against my tweeting, I’ve installed ‘selective twitter’ on my facebook and I now select what tweets head to facebook by simply adding a little ‘#fb’ action. Why did I do this? Just for you, who’s news feed was being dominated by me. Will you ‘refriend’ me and ‘unhide’ me? Will you be my friend again? WIll you forgive me? I make a promise to you that I will use my power to ‘#fb’ carefully and I will practice self control! I promise…

While we are on the subject of twitter, facebook and social networking, I think you NEED to be on twitter too! For many reasons, but to save us both time, here is a list from Michael Hyatt, that I received via my friend Andy Wojtowski. Head over to his post and read a bit more of why you should use twitter too!

12 Reasons to Start Twittering

  1. It will enable you to experience social networking first-hand.
  2. It will make you a better writer.
  3. It will help you stay connected to people you care about.
  4. It will help you see a new side of your friends.
  5. It will introduce you to new friends. I have now met several new people via Twitter.
  6. It is faster than text-messaging.
  7. It will make you think about your life.
  8. It will help you keep up with what people are talking about.
  9. It can create traffic for your blog or Website.
  10. It requires a very small investment.
  11. It can help build your personal “brand.”
  12. It is fun! Twitter is just plain entertaining.

So are you going to start a twitter account today?

starbucks in my city…

starbucks logoSo it’s been no secret to you my readers, or my friends here, that I like having Starbucks in ‘my’ Prague. I also love that I have relationships with the guys that manage my usual store and the guys that are opening them here. Recently I read an article over at the Washington Post, entitled
A Starbucks State of Mind. It was interesting, here is a quick portion of the whole of the article.

By the same token, when you don’t have an especially nice place to live — if you live, for instance, in a dormitory — you might well prefer to spend your afternoons in an attractive coffeehouse. And this is where the Starbucks ethos meshes so well with the cultural history of Central Europe: At the height of their popularity, the coffeehouses of 19th-century Vienna, Warsaw and Budapest were famously frequented by people who didn’t live in particularly lush apartments and thus preferred to spend their time in rooms decorated like the salons of the upper classes. Hence the association of coffeehouses with poets, literati, revolutionaries and other assorted riffraff. Hence the attraction for students today. As for the stockbrokers, they are simply back where they belong: Many of the world’s stock exchanges got their start in coffeehouses, since merchants and traders were once outsiders, too.

Will the St. Bucks of Central Europe build an ethos that fueled “poets, literati, revolutionaries and other assorted riffraff” of the 19th century? I don’t know, but I love that they are here and I have the hook up from them! Booyah! Check out the whole article, click here.

my travel companions…

…for the long weekend.

Here we go on a quick rundown, counter clockwise from the tope:

  1. Book that I’ve wanted to read for sometime – How the Irish Saved Civilization
  2. iPod Touch – Loaded with music, not movies, only music and the ‘soundtrack’ of my weekend!
  3. passport
  4. ESV Bible
  5. Water free hand sanitizer – say no to the swine flu!
  6. tissues
  7. Lonely Planet Austria Travel book
  8. Death By Love by Mark Driscoll
  9. My new Nikon D90, Christmas present, that I will snap hundreds of pics and even do some future zhtvs? I’m also taking the manual, I just need to get over my “I don’t want to read the manualness.”

So clutch… What are your ‘normal’ travel companions? Ok, I’m out the door! Have a great weekend! I will be on Twitter, so you can follow things there as I experience life and God over this weekend! Be a revolution!

the hills are alive?



Um…..? I don’t think I will be joining Maria (Don’t know what I’m talking about it’s called Sound of Music, you might have heard of it?!;-)) singing and spinning in the hills, but I’m gearing up to get some much needed time away! It’s been a long past few months and I’ve been going hard without getting much time to catch up. So tomorrow at 14:14 (2:14 p.m.) I will be hoping on a train to head towards my favorite Czech city, outside of Prague, Cesky Krumlov, and then to Salzburg, Austria for 3 nights! I’m going to be traveling solo for the majority of it, but I just found out that one of my best friends, Jason McFarland, here in Prague just decided that he would head down on Saturday. So it should be a good mix of some solo time and some time with a good, good friend.

I would ask that you that you please pray for me as I’m going. Not just that I would get some much needed physical rest, but something more. I’ve been asking God, and myself, some tough questions about life, ministry, my character, my leadership and more over the last few months, so my heart in this holiday is also to have God meet me in the midst of this. I don’t know that He will give me concrete answers, but I’m praying that He would meet me, change me, bring repentance where needed, encourage me, refresh me, give me some directions in some areas of life/ministry and lastly that I would love Him, others, and this city, Prague, more!

Thanks for being you! Here’s a little map to help you see where I’ll be over the next few days!

View Larger Map

time lapse on the iphone

I, finally, switched from a prepaid phone plan, which was killing me financially, to a contract and it gave me a feasible way to get an iPhone, which I’ve really wanted since their release! One of my new past times is searching for new cools apps, a I travel on mass transit here. Recently, I was trying to find a time lapse app that would take pics/video from my iPhone. I finally decided on the “TimeLapse” app from Xyster. I’ve had it for about a week and have only looked at the settings. Last night on the way to practice I thought I would try it out. So this is 5 minutes of my traveling to practice with 2 second intervals, with that said, I should have done no more than a second interval. We will see how my future experiments with this app go. It’s still cool, even though it’s a little let down. Sorry I will try to redeem myself with the next one!

Music from Czech group – Popnoise – click here to download their newest cd for free!

change is fun…


…with that in mind, today, I said, “Why not,” and this happened….


As my dear friend, and director (Billy), and I rode the 217 Bus back from the office today, he asked me, “So what are you going to do with my clippers?” The clippers that I used for what you see above! I smiled and said, “I like my hair, but it’s all going, why not, huh?” He said,”You kind of got the deranged, struggling artist look going.” Ok, he didn’t say, “deranged,” but I thought it was fitting! So in my opinion, I traded it, for “Deranged Convict.” What do you think? Make the world of zACHhARROD.com land marvel at your wittiness, what descriptions do you got? Share them, but make sure they don’t hurt my feelings too much!

By the way, I do like change. Sometimes change for the sake of change is great. It keeps people, and me, on their toes! Love it. Now I’m heading to bed. Good night world!

i’m watching you….


Ok, I know I’m a dork, but I find this interesting. When Clint did my redesign (THANKS AGAIN CLINT!), we made sure to get Google Analytics kicking with my blog so I can track and see who is reading my blog and etc. For what reason? I’m not sure why, but like I said I find it interesting. So I’m going to share 3 maps with you. Three maps of where I am getting my views from. I’m getting absolutely ZERO love from Africa, South America, Asia, or Antarctica! Sadly… But I’ve been thinking about some unique strategies to get my readership up in Antarctica, while I’ve been on mass transit here in Prague. We shall see…

The first is the good ol’ U.S. of A. (the darker shades of green indicate the highest amount of readers)


I’m not getting much love in a few States, but I was surprised to see that most of the States are some sort of green….

No surprise, I get more love in Eastern Europe than Western.

Here is what Czech looks like. Obviously, I would have far more hits in Prague, than else where in the country. But here is a shout out to the peeps who read my blog in Cesky Tesin, Brno and Ceske Budejovice!

Thanks to all you read my blog! I apologize for being quite this spring. As things get chaotic in my life, this is the first place where you see it played out (and me not folding laundry). Thanks for sticking with me! Here’s to more posts, ZHTVs and etc! Oh, I also have been told recently that my lovely sister’s blog (ZMENA) is more entertaining than mine! I’ve had to pray about this, but after much thought, it’s true her blog is more entertaining. Shoot. Should I begin a Sibling Blog Feud? Hmmmm… We shall see… Muhaha…

UPDATE Before clicking publish, I checked Google Analytics once more and saw that Germany popped up on the grid since yesterday! Hallo aus der Tschechischen Republik und vielen Dank! So here is a shout out to you peeps in Aachen and Halle! Ok, now back to trying to be productive….