Why Europe?


When I’m out speaking with churches and individuals about my work in the heart of Europe, the common refrain I hear is, “Aren’t they all Christians in Europe? Why do we need to send missionaries and money there?” Really, I hear this more than you can imagine, but when you look at the numbers and compare them with the rest of the world, you realize that Europe is in far worse condition than we can imagine. For example, a recent study (The European Spiritual Estimate), put it like this when comparing Europe to the rest of the world:

Consider the most recent numbers from the World Christian Database:
• China, 8.5% Christian
• India, 6.2% Christian
• Africa, 13.3% Christian
• Latin America, 18.2% Christian

A recent study, the European Spiritual Estimate, indicates that while 72.7% of Europeans would be culturally affiliated with Christianity, only 4.2% of Europeans would claim to follow Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Europe, the veritable home of Christian faith for dozens of centuries, is now the least Christian geography in the world today.

According to other studies (European Believers Report), “a rough continental estimate of believers” at an astonishingly low percentage of 1.1%! So I ask you, “Is Europe still a Christian continent?” If you don’t believe me, check out those links and do the reading yourself. It a place that could be considered the least reached continent on the face of the planet now! Europe is currently seeing the consequences of her decisions and her forsaking her spiritual roots. Some of the videos below speak to that. I hope coupled with the statics/links above, you would have a growing heart to reach this continent!

Here are some videos that express some of the reasons for, “Why Europe?” very well…