Have you ever thought what it would be like to live in a place where Jesus and God was seemingly everywhere around you, from architecture, to art, to the shear beauty of your country and yet you have no idea who Jesus is? He to you and nearly 90% of your countrymen is nothing more than a hyped version of Shrek! What would that be like? That is the spiritual reality of the Czech Republic. Here is an interesting quote from Josiah Venture:

The evangelical church is tiny, making up only less than one third of one percent in a country of 10 and a half million. Most Czechs have no religious affiliation. Several cults have made significant inroads in recent years, particularly the Jehovah’s witnesses. They number close to 25,000, making them twice as large as the largest evangelical denomination.

I’m in the middle of transitioning from AIA to a new ministry called TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission), I hope to update this page as soon as possible, but I wanted to make sure I changed the information about how you can give and partner with me. A short explanation of what is going on here, is that I will be continuing to work as a “missional insider” in the world of American football here in Prague, but in place of what I did with AIA, I will now be working with the local church to plant more Czech churches. I couldn’t be more excite about this new opportunity. Please read more about the change HERE, or read about my dreams, that I’ve had for years, about the local church by clicking HERE. THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST IN PARTNERING WITH ME TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE HERE!

Partner with me in reaching the Czech Republic!

There are two ways in which you can partner with me in reaching the Czech Republic. The first and foremost is prayer! When we pray things happen. I need your prayers, Czech needs your prayers! Will you commit to praying for my work within Czech, the Czech people and God’s name to made famous throughout the nations!

Beyond prayer monthly support is a huge need. It is monthly support that keeps things moving and helps me minister consistently throughout months and years! Would you consider giving a monthly gift that is most sacrificial for you to help see the Czech people reached with the Gospel and see churches planted throughout this city, country and continent? If you also want to give a special needs gift that would be a huge blessing too!

Here’s how you can join the team through giving to TEAM.


Please CLICK HERE, to give ONLINE right now!

For your information, my account number with TEAM is 011176.


You will need to make your checks out to TEAM with my name on the memo line and account number (011176), then please send them to this address:
PO Box 969
Wheaton, IL 60187-0969

See me in action in the football world, as I was on Czech TV a couple of times in 2011.

What are others saying about OUR work in Prague?


That is just scratching the surface about what God is doing in Prague, Czech and Europe through OUR presence in Prague! I would love for you to join my team of ministry partners and be part of helping reach the three C’s – City, Country, Continent – Prague, Czech Republic and Europe!

Want to Know More About TEAM and TEAM’s history – CLICK HERE.