new lions videos…

Hello! It has been quite some time since I’ve made an appearance around here. I’ve been saying that a lot in the past few months. It is the rare moment that Zach Harrod makes an appearance on his own blog! Something is wrong with that! I need to get around to finishing all these “drafts” I’ve started. Trust me my silence on my blog hasn’t been without reason. It’s been a crazy 2010 thus far, and 2010 that has left me grasping, sometimes helplessly, for something firm to hold on to. Most of this, if not all of this, has revolved around the team (the Prague Lions) that I’ve worked with since 2004. I won’t get into the details, but with all the craziness going on with my team this off-season, I wanted to create a video to motivate my guys (mostly the juniors, but the seniors as well) to work hard but also to drive home key values of our team. Core values that I’m working into a leadership program, that is similar to what Coach Jim Tressel, of The Ohio State, has done with what he calls the The Winners Manual: For the Game of Life. I hope to blog some more on this in the future, as right now I’m working hard to put it together, which also include translating stories and quotes from English to Czech, as part of my Czech homework! I believe deeply in this, because at the end of the day if football is only about x’s and o’s and doesn’t develop young men to be better teammates, students, workers, sons, brothers, fathers and overall better citizens, then what is the point?!?! So with that said, I put this quick highlight video together for my junior team.

A rough translation of the text is this, “When no one else believes, and all that is left is the faith of the team, what does this this create?”

odvaha – courage
bratrství – brotherhood
láska – love
vernost – loyalty
vášen – passion
sláva – glory

Enjoy and look back for more Lions videos, as I’m wearing the hate of marketing/PR guy/videographer for the Lions, as well as the roles of Offensive Coordinator for the Senior team and continue as the Head Coach for the Junior team. GO LIONS!

time lapse on the iphone

I, finally, switched from a prepaid phone plan, which was killing me financially, to a contract and it gave me a feasible way to get an iPhone, which I’ve really wanted since their release! One of my new past times is searching for new cools apps, a I travel on mass transit here. Recently, I was trying to find a time lapse app that would take pics/video from my iPhone. I finally decided on the “TimeLapse” app from Xyster. I’ve had it for about a week and have only looked at the settings. Last night on the way to practice I thought I would try it out. So this is 5 minutes of my traveling to practice with 2 second intervals, with that said, I should have done no more than a second interval. We will see how my future experiments with this app go. It’s still cool, even though it’s a little let down. Sorry I will try to redeem myself with the next one!

Music from Czech group – Popnoise – click here to download their newest cd for free!