time lapse on the iphone

I, finally, switched from a prepaid phone plan, which was killing me financially, to a contract and it gave me a feasible way to get an iPhone, which I’ve really wanted since their release! One of my new past times is searching for new cools apps, a I travel on mass transit here. Recently, I was trying to find a time lapse app that would take pics/video from my iPhone. I finally decided on the “TimeLapse” app from Xyster. I’ve had it for about a week and have only looked at the settings. Last night on the way to practice I thought I would try it out. So this is 5 minutes of my traveling to practice with 2 second intervals, with that said, I should have done no more than a second interval. We will see how my future experiments with this app go. It’s still cool, even though it’s a little let down. Sorry I will try to redeem myself with the next one!

Music from Czech group – Popnoise – click here to download their newest cd for free!