punt return against panthers

Have you ever considered that God could transform our sport, of American Football, to reach an emerging generation in some of the most apathetic countries in the world? Well, if you haven’t, start now!

There’s a great opportunity for you to join us in Prague and help us redeem football and help the development of the game in a place that is thirsty for the Good News of the Gospel. Head over the opportunity page at TEAM’s website – CLICK HERE to read more about the opportunity.

If you are interested and want more information directly from me, please drop me an email, over at my contact page.

fan wave

Here is a video, I created a few years ago to help articulate what football ministry looks like here in Czech, when I worked with Athletes in Action. It’s a bit dated and things have changed since then, but it’s still relevant

Don’t play football, but are still interested in helping us advance our cause, ministry and the development of football here – you can check out a new organization that is forming to help us over here – INTERCEPTION FOUNDATION.