On Television…?


One of the things that I have not grown used to, is having television interviews in Czech, that is me speaking Czech in these interviews. I’m not sure how many I have done now, but with each interview I grow a bit more comfortable. However, every time I still find myself thinking something like this – “Is this really happening? Am I really going to be on national TV in this country? Am I really speaking this language?” Every time, questions like this have gone through my mind. The most recent interview was no exception, but I had an amazing time doing it. In about 45 minutes we covered from how I first got her to Czech, to why I do what I do, and why YOU, my ministry partners, partner with me to make a difference. I hope to have the interview with subtitles but until then I wanted to share the link with you.

CLICK HERE to watch the interview, then you can skip ahead to the 19:23 mark and watch the interview. While most of you reading this, will not be able to understand what I’m saying you can still appreciate the fact that we are getting what we are doing in front of many people in the Czech Republic. It’s very exciting, thank you for being part of it!

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