zhtv #25 2009 finale

Lions Win! Lions Win! Check out the newest episode of zhtv and learn about our BIG WIN! It was an amazing season and I’m so very thankful for every bit and moment of it! Stay tuned for another zhtv about the 20th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution and, hopefully, some blog posts again! But before I get to that, I’m jumping on a plane with my sister and heading to Barcelona for the weekend! I need a little change of pace and scenery. Have a great Thursday and an even better weekend!

Here’s some more footage from the game…

Lastly here is some video of our big come from behind victory over the Panthers in the regular season. If you don’t want to watch all of it, pick it up at about 2:00 into the video.

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zhtv #24 fall 2009

It’s a miracle! Their is blog activity at zACHhARROD.com! Here is a little zhtv love, this is what I’ve been doing over the last two months since my last post. We have our Championship game this Saturday. Please lift my each of the players up in prayer and also please also pray that I would rep Jesus well to my players, the Panthers, the fans and even the refs (which might be the biggest miracle!)! More to come. I hope to never have blog silence that long or intense again! Sorry. But hey, thanks for being you! Be a revolution today wherever you are!