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So I’m a pro at procrastinating sometimes, especially when it comes to blogs (which is something I’m continually trying to work on!)! Last week, while I was reading my friend’s blog, (Steve McCoy) I stumbled upon this:

I love it! They encourage men, to be men! That is putting it simply, but what it doesn’t mean is men being shovanist pigs who are passive and pounding their chests, while loudly grunting. It however means, being real men, who take initiative to lead and lead well, who turn off the porn, who honer women as they should be honored and much, much more! I love it and I think many of us men could learn some manliness lessons from it. I’m no expert in being this type of man, but, Lord-willing, I’m growing into being this type of man. There are hours of procrastinating, that could be spent reading this blog, but here are two quick summaries to two entries I enjoyed. Click on the titles to read the whole entry.
The Brad Pitt Rule

Imagine that instead of you, Brad Pitt had asked this same woman out. Would she use the same excuse with him? If Brad Pitt asked her on a date, would she still say she had to study or was going to the movies with friends that night? Nope. She would have dropped pretty much anything and everything to be able to accept a date with Brad.

How to Give and Take Criticism like a Man
How to Give Effective Criticism

    Go in cool, calm, and collected.
    Be specific.
    Criticize the action, not the person.
    Be a diplomat.
    Make specific suggestions for improvement.
    Personalize your approach.
    Point out positives.
    Follow up.

How to Take Criticism

    Consider the source.
    Shut your trap and listen.
    Don’t take it personally.
    Stay calm (even if the other person is being a complete jerk).
    Ask clarifying questions.
    Take ownership of your mistake.
    Change your perspective on criticism.
    Thank your critic (even when they handed your butt to you).
    Take action and follow up.

Good stuff, check out the site! I’m off to bed…

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